Komodo and Sumbawa & Sumba Island

Things to do in Sumbawa

Kenawa Island

Small island, located in Alas Strait just 15 minutes by boat from the fisherman village of Poto Tano, this is such a pretty spot that welcoming your visit to the island of Sumbawa.The island offers you the beauty of prairie and a spectacular sight from the top of its hill.Kenawa island is also a fabulous place to see the amazing sunset and sunrise and Rinjani mountain will be a beautiful backdrop during the sunset time

Moyo Island


Some interesting places for activities are snorkeling and diving in several points, including: Takat Segele, Labuan Aji Aji Reef, Labuan Aji Wall, Angle Reef, Brang Sedo, Ai Manis, Tanjung Pasir and Mata Tuju Waterfall

Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora is an active stratovolcano, has a height of 2,851 meters above sea level, is the highest peak on the island of Sumbawa.